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Mountain Mornings Story

My name is Petra Bachron and I am originally from the heart of Europe - the Czech Republic. I came to Canada with my husband in 2017. We planned to stay only for one year but we fell in love with the land of startling contrasts, hanging glaciers, towering summits and ever-changing panorama. I started drawing in 2018 and this hobby quickly became my passion. Apart from exploring new places and illustration, I love outdoor sport and wildlife photography.

Mountain Mornings is my world where I can share my vision and love for nature with like-minded people.

Mountain Mornings is here to connect people with nature

and wake up your desire to explore and protect our planet.

MM Values

High-quality goods 

- I strongly believe in quality over quantity. 

Natural materials over synthetics 

- Whenever possible I aim to use recycled and natural materials.

Eco/friendly packaging 

- Upcycling & low waste- those are my shipping goals. 


- every sale supports Pacific Northwest wildlife. 

Connection with Nature 

- Nature is where I experience immense excitement and the most profound relaxation. It is a place where I feel at home. I hope my illustrations and projects inspire people to spend time outdoors and connect with the beauty nature offers to everyone. 

Devoted Customer Service 

- Mountain Mornings without customers is only a dream. Customers are an integral part of this exciting journey. Big or small, I don’t take any customer for granted. 

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